About Us

Hi My name is Marion Mulholland and I have been around Dobermanns for over 20 years. My first Dobermann was Lucifers Daughter (Tara) she was from the Swanwite breeding and had many firsts with a RBIS. My next Dobe was Aquarious of Varla (Jason). Jason had 3 BPIS by the time he was 11 months old but suddenly started to get nasty and had to be withdrawn from showing. It took me two years and many visits to many vets before I found out that he was alergic to anything from the Bovine family. for the rest of his life he was fed chicken wings.

My next dobe was a bitch I bred myself Azzaross Misty Dawn (Penny) What a lovely bitch, she was so laid back nothing upset her. She was top points winning bitch SDC, many firsts including wins at Crufts. The next was my first brown bitch Krieger Halinka at Azzaross,(Coffee) She was a lovely square bitch who never had a chance to reach her full potential. She died suddenly from liver failure.

I left the Dobermann scene shortly after the sad passing of Jason. Met my second husband Bill and we bought a bitch from the Krieger kennel as a pet but as always once the bug bites your hooked. Krieger Joie De Vivre avec Marillium (Berry) had some nice wins while she was shown, unfortunately she was very bad for Phantom pregnancys and had to be spayed. We are currently Showing a promising young dog Aritaur Tomahawk Marillium Sh CM(TJ) and will be introducing a very smart bitch from the well known Tuwos Kennels in Ireland.

Tuwos Gabrielle at Marillium (Gabby) will be coming out in June.

The Tuwos Kennel consists of Hugh and Jewel Fleming and Billy and Josh Henderson.

Home of Aritaur Hypnotique top winning bitch in the UK and Ireland. Also holder of the breed record for CC wins. The record now stands at 28.

 Both Billy and Josh are excellent handlers with Josh making up Champions in other breeds. Hugh and Jewel have now earned the right to sit and watch ringside and leave the running to the "Young" Team.

From time to time both TJ and Gabby will be handled by Josh, Billy and myself.

After a very succesfull campaign with Gabby at Championship shows and Open shows we had to have her put to sleep on 30th December 2009. 20 days after her 1st birthday. This was due to Transitional cell Carcinoma at the neck of her bladder. It was such a blessing that even at the end she felt no pain. The pain was ours having to part with such a beautifull and loving bitch.


TJ was succesfully mated to Gabby's mum with the result that puppies are due 28th June 2010. Although we can never have Gabby back, spending time with her mum during the mating was just like having her back. We will be having a bitch from this mating all going well, and look forward to having a TJ daughter in the ring while promoting the Tuwos line. Her Dam Black Fusspot Belle has proved herself as a producer of top quality winning puppies from all of her last litters, and we have no doubt that this litter will be of the same excellent quality.